I believe in a descriptive sensorial architecture.
An architecture with sense, enunciating how Man and buildings are situated in their environment, a tell-tale achievement explaining what it stands for and what we are or wish to be.
But an architecture for the senses as well, extolling the tangible characteristics of the location in which it is implanted, and moving the viewer as they are disclosed, but also as it fosters its own situations – a new inner emotional wealth.
I am all for an architecture with a sense and upsetting the senses.


First trained in engineering then in architecture, I am aware of how useful it may be to develop contrasted but conciliable approaches to deal with multidisciplinarian subjects like architecture and town-planning.
I believe in the value of alternate practices : observation & action, theory & concrete, concept & detail, big & small scales, personal work or work in an agency, etc… All these approaches feed one another and create their own teachings.
Architecture and town-planning are two activities which help us learn, question ourselves, propose, suggest, during the whole span of our life !