Pierre Seguy’s Tower
17 February 2022
The orchard cabin
11 February 2022

The breathing windows

Agencement intérieur | 2019

For this renovation in the historic center, the generous existing volumes had to accommodate the bedrooms and bathrooms on the mezzanine across the entire width of the apartments. The client wished to take advantage of the opening of these spaces on the living rooms to ventilate and light in second day, but also to install stained glass windows made by the glass craftsman Jean-Dominique Fleury, transforming these interior windows elements into real decoration pieces. The project proposes to think of all the facades of the mezzanines as a single large filter, uniform but animated according to the openings / closings of its sashes.
These are full height and their regular rhythm follows a tight pattern that echoes that of the French ceiling under which they are installed. They create a mixed glass roof, alternating translucent stained glass panels and transparent glass panels. Only the latter can be opened: they pivot on their central axis, leaving sufficiently narrow free spaces that the whole functions as a regulatory guardrail. Like openings, they seem to make this new skin breathe, alternately hiding and revealing the life of the floor it protects.
christophe-benichou-architectures-ver rieres-toulousaines-séjour1-fermechristophe-benichou-architectures-ver rieres-toulousaines-séjour1-ouvert
christophe-benichou-architectures-ver rieres-toulousaines-séjour2-ouvertchristophe-benichou-architectures-ver rieres-toulousaines-séjour2-ferme