11 February 2022
Maison W
21 May 2020


Prefab modular dwelling in the heart of Nature | with Lumicene curved sliding windows | 2018

The LumiSnail is a lightweight nature habitat module developed in 2018 as a follow-up to LumiShell, developed in collaboration with Lumicene, the company behind the reversible window system of the same name.
Like its big brother, LumiSnail explores an ambiguous relationship to the vastness of the landscapes for which it is intended: it is both a protective shell and a platform for projection into the distance, allowing for constant alternation between retreat and openness.
The fluidity of its curved forms serves the same objective of putting in movement the body and the glance.
Here, the tension between the different radii of curvature generates centrifugal effects and sends the inhabitant back towards the view while guiding him through the serving spaces.
These are partitioned in the thickness of the rear wall according to a radial plane, recalling the folding of the snail (hence its name).
This universal figure evokes the nomadic personal shelter par excellence but also the infinite movement of the spiral, itself ambivalent between folding and unfolding, between self-centeredness and openness to the World.