The orchard cabin
11 February 2022
Maison L1
11 February 2022

Maisons L2

Two houses in Alès | with TP architects | 2021

The project concerns the construction of two houses in the south of the town of Alès, south of France. The land presents a homogeneous slope descending from North to South, and opens to the West as well as to the South towards distant views to be enhanced.
The topography is used to harmoniously insert the houses on two plateaus separated by stone retaining walls. In the same logic of sobriety and integration, the dwellings are planned on one level and assert their horizontality, their roof terrace stretching in cantilever to cover the entrances and the terraces on the view side.
Their tiering on the slope and their staggered layout ensure perfect intimacy and a common enjoyment of distant views, light, and solar gain from the South. The western facades have few openings to avoid overheating in the summer, while still allowing views towards the surrounding fields.
Finally, to the north, each house has a secondary exterior space that provides light and ventilation for the technical and wet rooms, while remaining slightly open on this orientation to protect against the wind and the rigors of winter.