Maison L2
11 February 2022
11 February 2022

Maisons L1

Two houses in Alès | with TP architects | 2021

The project concerns the construction of two houses in Alès, south of France.
The land presents a rather homogeneous slope going up from the South-East to the North-West, and it opens to the East towards clear views to be developed.
The neighboring buildings are set in the slop. They seem to climb the hill and establish a privileged relationship with the distant landscape. The topography is used here in the same way to harmoniously insert the houses into the slope on two successive plateaus, separated by stone retaining walls.
In the same logic of discreet integration, the dwellings are planned on one level and in a writing that asserts their horizontality: roof terraces, caps and overhangs stretching towards the view.
Their L-shaped layout and their different altimetry ensure perfect privacy and a shared view to the east, while benefiting from the light and solar gain from the south. Finally, for each house, a patio ensures the lighting and ventilation of the technical and wet rooms, completing the comfort of these modest but pleasant houses.