Maison W
21 May 2020
Verdon balconies
27 November 2019

The sliding shelter

Theoretical project 2019

"The Sliding Shelter" is an isolated refuge amidst vast snowy slopes. Its inclined geometry hugs the topography as much as it contrasts by its abstraction. After the precarious balance ofTip-Box, The Sliding Shelter suggests a motionless slip towards freezing depths below. Both structures may question the place of man in his environment and the future of this cohabitation.
Upstream, a thermal airlock welcomes the visitor and serves as a temperate storage space. Like a greenhouse, it preheats the rest of the building, an open volume subdivided into a succession of platforms that reveal the slope and house the different functions. These cascading terraces end with a dizzying plunging view: a warm and cozy observatory on melting ice.