The sliding shelter
10 January 2020
21 September 2019

Verdon balconies

Theoretical project 2019

"Verdon balconies" is a resting space for climbers installed in the mythical gorges of Verdon. Since the 1960s, this canyon in the South of France has become a must-see climbing site because of its unique depth in Europe and the quality of its limestone rock. Majestic and vertiginous, the Verdon cliffs stretch up to 700m high, offering a playground as noble as impressive.
At the heart of this vertical universe, suspended platforms offer a welcome horizontal rest. They can welcome climbers for a simple break or for the night, basically sheltered from the wind and the falls of stone. Entirely metallic for a light and reversible integration, these structures invoke the domestic figures of the balcony and the curtain to bring an unexpected hospitality to the realm of the void.