Skater’s house
25 October 2017
25 October 2017


Habitat nomade | Theoretical project 2016

The Photo-house has been designed as a nomadic habitat for a photographer friend, Cloe (also designer of this website!). It is a holiday house movable with a lorry. It is made of several elements placed one inside another, like russian dolls. These units fit within each other to ease transportation and when setting up, slide out.
That is when the Photo-house unfolds in the environment like a camera lens. The habitable surface is therefore optimised and the spaces created between the units become home to different functions. From the inside, those interstices cut out the scenery as frames of decreasing sizes.
By projecting the sleeping area above an empty space, at the heart of the structure, the mise en abime is finally achieved. This space is the only one provided with an airtight window. The other openings are only protected by translucent plastic strips allowing the units to slide in and out.
Therefore the inside of the photo-house is only partly protected against weather changes and surrounding wildlife. The purpose of that minimal comfort space is then to create a complete immersion in the environment in which it is set up.